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YELLOWSTONE PREMIER LEAGUE 2024-25 Game Day Procedures

YELLOWSTONE PREMIER LEAGUE 2024-25 Game Day Procedures

2024-2025 DATES

 U11 (2014) 16 / 16 2 x 30 MIN. 5 MIN. 9v9 Unlimited3
 U12 (2013) 16 / 16  2 x 30 MIN. 5 MIN. 9v9 Unlimited3
 U13 (2012) 22 / 18  2 x 35 MIN. 5 MIN. 11v11 Unlimited3
 U14 (2011) 22 / 18  2 x 35 MIN. 5 MIN. 11v11 Unlimited3
 U15 (2010)22 / 18 2 x 40 MIN. 5 MIN. 11v11NO re-entry same half3
 U16 (2009) 24 / 22 2 x 40 MIN. 5 MIN. 11v11NO re-entry same half3
 U17 (2008) 24 / 22 2 x 45 MIN. 5 - 10 MIN. 11v11NO re-entry same half3
 U18/19 (2007/06)  24 / 22 2 x 45 MIN. 5 - 10 MIN. 11v11NO re-entry same half3

General. The YPL Game Day Procedures do not supercede local regulations, facility usage agreements, or CDC guidelines. 

Players, coaches, referees and spectators are expected to adhere to all facility regulations, including social distancing (10 feet) and the use of face masks when required, which shall be posted on each club’s website and distributed each week to visiting clubs.

The YPL game day procedures have been modified for the safety of all participants with a zero tolerance for teams or clubs that abuse these procedures or the spirit of these procedures.

Facility Layout. Each clubs is required to post a visual layout of each facility with (1) identified participate entrances/exits for each field; (2) identified technical areas for each team; (3) designated spectator areas; (4) face mask requirements; (4) warm-up areas.

Equipment. Shared equipment, including hydration stations, are now permitted. The use of tents and traditional team benches is also recommended.

Roster. Official game day roster with jersey number must be printed on game card from Gotsoccer shall be printed by both teams.

Player Cards. US Youth Soccer player cards are required for every player and coach, but shall not be checked by the referee prior to the each game. (Digital copies are acceptable.) Cards may be requested by league officials in attendance for review. Disputes shall be reported to the league within 24 hours.

Club Pass. Any age-eligible US Youth Soccer registered player may participate in any YPL match at the discretion of the club provided he/she is registered to the same club. Clubs shall notify their opponent of all club-passed players prior to the start of the match.

Coaches. All adults on or around the technical area must have a US Youth Soccer card. Any coach properly registered with the team’s club may sit in the team’s technical area and/or coach the team. Coaches can be written on to the game day roster accordingly.

Athletic Trainer. Strongly encouraged, not required.

Heading Policy. U-11 heading ban. Indirect Free Kick. Infraction occurring inside the penalty area shall be place outside the area at the nearest point.

Unlimited substitutions for all age groups U14 and below. Throw-in by team in possession or both teams. Goal kick. Goal, Half-time. Injury. Caution.

NO re-entry same half for all age groups U15+. Throw-in by team in possession or both teams. Goal kick. Goal, Half-time. Injury. Caution.

Substitutions. Substitutes shall enter and leave the field of play at the point nearest their designated location (where they will sit).

Uniforms. Home team changes unless colors published indicating they are in the correct color. 

Additional Equipment. Players may wear additional equipment if in the determination of the referee if it meets the standard of safety for all players. Corrective glasses and properly padded casts allowed.

Score Reporting. Following the games, both team’s representatives shall confirm verbally with the referee the score and any yellow or red card, including jersey number and reason. The home team is required to submit the report in the Gotsoccer app by the end of the day in which the game is played.

Additional Recommendations. Clubs are encouraged to provide as much time between games as possible to allow an appropriate departure/arrival of teams and spectators as well as an on-field socially-distanced warm-up for the players.


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